The Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne is taking another step in looking after local pets. 

Council approved funding last year for the Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue to arrange a Spay and Neuter Clinic for cats in the R.M. at a reduced cost. 

Recently, the R.M. of Ste. Anne approved an Animal Abandonment By-law which includes a $1000 fine for abandoning an animal. This spay and neuter clinic was approved last year by council and will happen over two days this month. 

Deputy Reeve Randy Eros expects the clinics to fit in around 25 to 30 cats. 

“We look after pets, and this is one way of doing it,” he says. “It controls the feral cat population for sure. I think it’s better for everyone.” 

Eros notes this clinic is only possible with multiple partners working together, such as the animal shelter, veterinary clinic, and vet staff. 

Spots filled quickly for the spay/neuter clinics this month, with reduced rates for cats in the municipality. 

Eros says council would be open to expanding this program if the opportunity arises. 

Michelle Neufeld, President of Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue, says municipal funding is a key element in these clinics and she hopes more towns and municipalities will support spay and neuter clinics.