With last night's blowing snow and today's freezing rain, highways were quite slippery this morning.

A semi-truck jack-knifed on Trans Canada west of Highway 12. The semi was blocking both westbound lanes and traffic needed to use the shoulder to get around the vehicle. 

All highways in the southeast were reported as snow-covered and slippery. 

We've been receiving updates from motorists this morning on the Talk and Text Line. 

RCMP Constable Bellmore said "Big shout out to the plows that came out this morning, specifically the ones that hit Hwy 311 and Hwy 59. [We] had traffic backed up for about half an hour, and vehicles stuck everywhere. Also, they cleared out 206 and Hwy 52. And now I'm on my way to a head-on collision. So I just wanted to let you guys know, tell your people to slow down, drive according to the conditions of the road.”

Chelsea: "there is a major accident at the 52 and Randolph corner. Drivers should avoid the area."

Jeanette: "Park rd. Meeting Old Tom Road, full of snow. Cars getting stuck. Very messy, needs to be cleaned"

Darcy: "Hwy 1 from 12 to deacons very slick. 3 trucks in the ditch just west of 12."

Tasha: "Roads r partly ice covered on the 12 to the sarto turn off. Going Sarto road to Grunthal very icy with some sections have snow drifts or snow covered. There is a big snow covered area right after the 70 speed limit sign right when you get into sarto. Aes slow down cause snow drift is very high. I went 80 both ways."

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