Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie week wrapped up as a huge success for a Niverville group who are raising funds to bring two accessible transportation vehicles to town.

Shirely Hoult from Niverville Communities in Bloom says the week was, “Fantastic. I really do think the community came together to provide us with the support we needed to get the funding to go towards the vans.”

Hoult says that at the close of day on Sunday, May 5, the Niverville Tim Horton’s location had sold 6,992 Smile Cookies, totaling $10,487.50 going towards their van project.

Niverville Tim Horton's Smile Cookie fundraising for Van

She is very grateful to all the volunteers who put smiles on the cookies. “35 community volunteers stepped up and gave up some of their time. They volunteered in two-hour shifts, with some of them coming back 3-4 times, which is amazing. Everybody worked together to get it done.”   Hoult sends out a special thanks to Annette Bryant for organizing all the teams.

Hoult says the money will go directly into their fundraising campaign. “All every dollar raised from selling the cookies goes directly into that campaign. So, right now we're probably, I don't have the numbers right in front of me, but I'm thinking we're probably around $5,000 short right now, but there are a couple of other grants that we're looking at applying for. So, we're confident we're going to get it.”

She continues, “Now we’re waiting for the federal government to let us know whether they're willing to give us the 80% of the funds.”

Hoult expresses her thanks to Niverville and area residents for supporting them.

“Thank you to everybody involved, the whole community, businesses, individuals, the volunteers, everybody that bought a cookie and everybody that contributed to getting those cookies decorated. And of course, thank you to the Kent family and the crew at Tim Horton’s as well, they were amazing too.”

Shirley Hoult with smile cookie