The contractor doing water main renewal projects on Oak Crescent and Wilson Street in Steinbach will tackle another three projects in the city after those two are done. Phil Kalyta, the city's head engineer, says those additional projects include water main renewal on Fourth Street between Reimer and Lumber Avenues, renewal of the sewer lines beneath Chrysler Gate and water main renewal on Sunrise Bay.

He outlines the schedule for that work.

"We've scheduled Fourth Street to happen starting in the beginning of July just because of the proximity to the middle school (Stonybrook) and Chrysler Gate, with the proximity to the high school, they're looking at a later June start there."

The intent is to have those projects finished before the start of classes in September. The date for the start of the Sunrise Bay work has not yet been set.

Kalyta notes the other city projects, that got underway right after the May long weekend, have gone very well and are on schedule.