Schuler is back on the campaign trail, looking to be re-elected in the Springfield Ritchot riding which also includes Niverville. 

Looking back at the last term, Progressive Conservative Candidate Ron Schuler points to significant provincial investment in his riding. 

“In the last four years, $296 million for my constituency, I think that's almost a record and that's not just general government spending, that's direct spending in the constituency. So, Niverville got a brand-new high school, and a new community recreation center, we've got $4.7M to build one in Oakbank, a swimming pool for Dugald, lots of money in Ritchot for the rehabbing of their sports-plexes, and lots of road construction those kinds of thing.” 

In other words, Ron Schuler says he is running on his record.  

Schuler has served as a Progressive Conservative MLA since 1999. He notes his focus has always been on the communities he represents and if elected again, that will continue to be the case. 

“My responsibility as a member of the legislature is what's in my purview. We're putting a lot of money locally into roads and then the community clubs, a lot of our facilities are aging out." He adds "I know there are national issues and then there are very local issues that the councillors deal with, but what I have responsibility for I've worked very hard for.” 

Continuing that train of thought, Schuler says “I think it's really important to have healthy communities and by that, I mean that it's not good enough that you move into our region and then have to drive to Winnipeg for all services. It's very expensive now because of Justin Trudeau's carbon tax but also you want to be doing your things in your own community, and that's what our government has been doing with a lot of the funding that's taken place.” 

And it’s not just about recreation. Schuler says there has been plenty of provincial investment into infrastructure projects including the $120M regional sewage treatment plant that will service Niverville, Ritchot and other communities in the Southeast. 

In addition, Schuler says he has been very supportive of projects that make aging in place possible. He notes he wants to help make sure that the elderly don't need to move out of their region to receive the care that they need.

Finally Schuler notes “There are a lot of important decisions that have to be made, but you also know that you have an MLA you can count on to be there and not one that just talks about being there, is actually in the community, works hard for the community.” 

Voters will go to the polls on October 3rd.