Another school year begins today, and drivers are being reminded to watch out for school buses as they will be making frequent stops. 

RCMP Community Constable Dennis Redikop every driver is responsible for knowing what to do when approaching a stopped school bus. 

“When a school bus has stopped and has its stop sign out and the red lights are flashing, you know that it's important that you have to stop and wait until the stop sign is deactivated and the bus is starting to move,” he says. “Even if no students are getting off the bus or on the bus. If the lights are activated and the stop sign is out, you have to stop and you have to remain stopped until the bus deactivates the stop lights.” 

There are significant fines for illegally passing a stopped school bus, Redikop adds. 

“Our school buses are equipped with cameras, and every year we do get information on vehicles that do not stop, and there are very hefty fines and hefty demerits as well.” 

In Manitoba, if you are convicted of passing a stopped school bus that has its stop arms extended and red loading lights flashing, you could face a fine of $673.65 and demerits. 

Redikop says there is no excuse for not knowing how to react to a stopped school bus.

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Be prepared to stop for school buses and watch out for children as there will be many young students walking or cycling to a from school. 

Reduced speed limits are in effect in school zones until the end of June. 

Drivers caught speeding in a school zone could face a fine of at least $200 and move down two levels on the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) scale.


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