UPDATE: As of 4:10 P.M. Highway 12 south of Steinbach has been reopened.

Southern Manitoba continues to dig out of the latest snowfall.

Wes Fehr is Manager of Public Works and Operations for the Rural Municipality of Hanover. He says Environment Canada was forecasting five to 10 centimetres of fresh snow today and guesses Hanover received on the high end of that forecast.

Fehr says snow clearing crews have been out all day, noting it normally takes about 18 hours to get all the roads and streets in town cleaned up. After that, they go around and start pushing snowbanks back in order to make more room.

"I can't speak to the whole thing but I think within Hanover most of the roads at this point are still drivable," notes Fehr.

According to Fehr, their crews will work until late afternoon or early evening and then shut down operations until the morning.

"We try not to work hours where the operators become fatigued," notes Fehr. "Obviously for safety reasons."

Fehr reminds motorists that their snowplow operators do not always have the best visibility because of the conditions and the snow swirl that comes with heavy equipment moving snow. He asks motorists to be cautious when approaching or driving around these units.

Randy Reimer, Head of Public Works for Steinbach says Thursday's snowfall will take about three days to clean up. However, he asks motorists and residents for patience, noting his crews have been very busy in recent weeks and will need some rest.

Meanwhile, Thursday's snow has resulted in the cancellation of many bus services in the southeast, including the following:

Hanover School Division: Due to current road conditions, expect delays for the afternoon bus runs. As of 2:15 pm today, Highway #12 south of Steinbach remains closed. Parents/Caregivers will be notified if road closure necessitates cancellation of specific bus runs.

Seine River School Division: Bus routes 1 through 19 have been cancelled for this afternoon, mostly in the Ile des Chenes, St. Adolphe and La Salle area.

Sunrise School Division: Bus Route 83 will not run this afternoon.

DSFM ALERTE: cancellation of transportation École Pointe-des-Chênes, École Saint-Joachim for the afternoon of Thursday.

In your Boyd Autobody and Glass Road Report, most highways in the region are listed as partly snow covered. Highway 12 remains closed south of Sprague to the Canada/ U.S. border.