As students return to the classroom after the winter break, school divisions are waiting for the annual funding announcement from the province. 

The government traditionally makes its education funding announcement before the end of January, letting school divisions know what kind of money they will have for the next school year. 

Divisions are already working on new budgets for the next school year and Hanover Board Chair Brad Unger is hoping for good news. 

He says students are capable of excellent work and can achieve great things when they have proper support at school. 

Last year, the Hanover School Division was forced to cut $2.7 million from its 2023-2024 budget, citing inadequate funding from the province. 

Even after making those cuts, Hanover is forecasting an $800,000 deficit by the end of the fiscal year in June. 

Unger encourages the public to get involved in the budget process by attending public budget meetings. He notes these meetings are also open to division employees. 

These meetings are usually held in February each year. 

Although the finances may appear rather bleak, Unger is optimistic and hopeful for 2024. 

He says the division is growing and more families are choosing to live in the region and enrolling their children in Hanover schools. 

Unger translates the growing student population as a sign that Hanover schools are offering something valuable. 

He looks forward to seeing a continuation of the great things happening for Hanover students and staff. 

Student registration opens today for children who will be attending one of the 19 schools in the Hanover School Division in September.