Three campers burned down just northwest of Marchand this past weekend. 

La Broquerie Fire Chief Alain Nadeau says “Saturday afternoon, right around supper time, we had a lightning storm come through and it lit a trailer on fire outside of the Twisted Root campground, it was just on the outside, waiting to go into the park, it and subsequently caught another couple of trailers on fire.” 

Nadeau says his crews responded and were able to save a fourth trailer from catching fire, noting “The fourth one just got yellow a little bit.” 

But that’s not all.  

The thunderstorm had more in store. Nadeau says “At the same time as we were going to these trailers, we had a small, shed fire on a farm a couple of miles from there too, so it was a good lightning strike going on there. We had to call for mutual aid to come and help us with that one.” 

Nadeau says the Town of Ste. Anne Fire Department responded and helped to tackle the shed fire.  

The Autopac claims for the three trailers that burned down are not in yet, so Nadeau notes the total value of the damage caused by the blaze isn't available. 

Fortunately, Nadeau says when they arrived at the Twisted Root RV Park, Manitoba Forestry and Natural Resources was already on site and brought equipment to ensure the trailer fire wouldn’t turn into a forest fire.  

All in all, Nadeau says it was a bit of a crazy Saturday. 

firefighters work with fire hoses with a burned-out camper in the backgroundPhoto credit: La Broquerie Fire Department