The Rural Municipality of Piney received a grant for some research.

Reeve Wayne Anderson says a consulting company will soon be surveying to see if they are able to build some walking trails.

“I think it makes a better community,” offers Anderson. “People can get out and walk without having to walk on the side of the road and worry about semis and so forth.”

For Anderson, the project’s viability is as important as it’s frugality. “We just want to make sure it’s done properly and doesn’t cost a whole pile of money. Sometimes you can do fantastic things with a small amount of money.”

The reeve says the idea was spawned by some of the elderly residents in attendance at a hearing. “They have no place to walk,” he explains, “so this recently came up as an opportunity to get a grant and do a study to find out where we can put in some sidewalks, trails, and things of that nature.”

At this point, the plan is to complete the study and see if they should go ahead with the project. As Anderson points out, “you don’t want to build something that no one will ever use”.

To that end, Anderson assures there will be surveys to fill out and strategies discussed so that residents may have their say on the subject.