Council for the Rural Municipality of Ritchot has appointed a provider for the new daycare being built in St. Adolphe.

In February, the upper levels of government announced that St. Adolphe would be getting an additional daycare. Through a joint funding model, the provincial and federal governments are bringing daycares to rural municipalities and First Nations communities. In exchange, municipalities are providing a minimum of two acres of serviced land with 15 years of free rent and support services including snow removal, landscape maintenance and repairs. The daycares are ready-to-move buildings.

The daycare in St. Adolphe will have 74 spaces. 

St. Adolphe Child Care Centre made it known to Ritchot that it would be interested in operating the new daycare. St. Adolphe Child Care Centre currently operates an existing daycare in that community. 

"I think it's a good choice for sure," says Mayor Chris Ewen.

"I agree, good choice," adds St. Adolphe area Councillor Jason Bodnarchuk. "Same daycare, easier to get up and running."

Council made it official by approving St. Adolphe Child Care Centre as the provider. 

The new daycare is being built on the south end of St. Adolphe, near the Tourond Creek development. 

"The daycare is well underway," adds Ewen. "We've got the land; they are starting to build."

According to Ewen, both the daycare in St. Adolphe and the one in Ile des Chenes are expected to be operational by the end of this year. 

The daycare in Ile des Chenes will also have space for 74 children.