A retired farming couple is growing a large garden this summer, in hopes of donating the vegetables to local food banks.  

Melvin Kachur and his wife, Helen, live in Pansy, next to the hall, and says they have about a two-and-a-half-acre garden.  

“We're cultivating it and we're growing veggies for the food banks.” 

Kachur’s motto is “Let’s fight hunger.”  

He notes with all the immigrants from Ukraine this year, and their own family being of Ukrainian descent as well, they wanted to do what they could to help them out.  

He tells us what they are planting.  

“We're putting in something like 300 pounds of potatoes and about 8,000 plants of peaches and cream corn. Plus, there will be tomatoes, 400 raspberry plants, and 2,000 strawberry plants.” 

When asked why they are doing this, Kachur replies, “Our purpose is to donate what we can. We also want to sell the produce and that money will go to the food banks in Grunthal and Vita.”

He adds, they also want to give some of the vegetables to the Ukrainian Association of the Southeast (formerly the Ukrainian Settlement Task Force), who will distribute them to Ukrainian families in need.

Kachur says he and his wife have been working in the garden by themselves, but they are retired and would appreciate the help.  

“We need more volunteers. We need people that can help us by getting involved with gardening. If folks have time to come and help us, one or two hours, it's not hard work.” 

The couple will also need help with weeding and watering the gardens, then more volunteers will be called up come harvest time in August or September.  

Kachur notes he’s been a part of the Prairie Food Growers Association for a number of years and really likes spending time in the dirt. But he says, because of his age, would like to give other people a chance to work in their garden.  

“Maybe local youth groups or some churches or Eastman Immigration Services. We're all in the same boat. I am retired and I was always involved in the agriculture field, and this is my last kick-at-the-cat sorta, and I just want to help refugees.” 

The Kachur farm is next to the Pansy Hall, 6 miles south along Pansy Road off of Hwy 205, east of Sarto. 

To volunteer you are asked to call 204-434-9397 (landline) or email him melvinkachur9397@gmail.com  

"The Garden of Eden" which is also a labor of love for the Kachur's, houses a variety of fruit trees including a mock orange, chokecherry, and apple. As well as, flowering bushes, shrubs, and perennial plants.