It’s rare for someone to go searching for a senior pet to join their family, but that’s exactly what Lisa Fast decided to do when she found herself longing for a pet.

The self-proclaimed animal lover says it all started when she moved in with her roommate.

“She has a 19-year-old cat that she's had since she was a little girl,” Fast explains. “And I was looking to get my own cat and we thought that the best thing would be to just start a senior home for the cats here.”

Fast ended up reaching out to Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue, asking if they had any older cats who were ready to be adopted.


That’s when she came across Asha.

“I think she was found in a barn with five other cats who were younger than her, and they all got adopted faster than her, just because she does require some time to get used to you so that she's comfortable and she is a little more timid,” Fast says.

This old barn cat is now an apartment cat who hangs out with her fellow senior feline friend, enjoying retirement.

Fast encourages people to consider senior pets when looking to adopt a furry friend. She says they have a lot to offer and are also worthy of a good life.

Her message to anyone who is considering pet adoption?

“Definitely check out the Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue as fosters are very much in demand right now and they just have an overload of animals that need to be adopted.”

Maverick and Molly are 12 years old. They have been together since birth and would love to be adopted together so they can spend their senior years with their best friend. They are good with cats but have not been tested around dogs. They are good with kids. Contact Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue for more information.