Work started Tuesday on rebuilding a short stretch of Rempel Drive on the south side of Mitchell.

Rob Driedger is Manager of Engineering and Utilities for the Rural Municipality of Hanover. He notes the section being reconstructed is less than half a kilometre in length, where the road generally breaks up at certain times of the year.

"(It's) a complete rebuild," explains Driedger. "So we will be removing about two feet of existing material and replacing it with two feet of good base and geotextile."

Fast Brothers Limited started the work Tuesday morning and according to Driedger, it should take seven to ten days to complete. He says the weather has been perfect this summer for road reconstruction.

"I can't comment on the individual workers who are out there on the street, but the lack of rain is perfect for road reconstruction," notes Driedger. "So we are kind of ahead of the ball on a number of the projects as a result of that."

The project has an estimated cost of $98,000. Driedger asks only local traffic to use that road during construction, noting there will be some slight delays if you are trying to drive to your property.