Steinbach RCMP would like to warn the public of a jewelry scam that appears to be picking up steam again in southern Manitoba.

Community Constable Dennis Redikop says they are hearing reports of a vehicle parked on the side of the road, with a motorist flagging down passersby. The suspect claims to have car problems and is selling jewelry to make some cash. Redikop says this is a scam.

"If somebody is flagging you down on the side of the road, trying to sell you jewelry, that should be one flag," warns Redikop. "Because you don't know if it's real or not, because there's no way to test it roadside."

We have heard from one individual who fell victim to this scam Tuesday morning. The individual says the fraudster was parked along Provincial Road (PR) 311, approximately half a mile east of Highway 12. The car appeared to be broken down on the side of the road and the scammer waved down the Good Samaritan for help. The man claimed to be a stranded traveller from Dubai. He was trying to sell jewelry, including what he said was a Rolex watch for $1,000, a gold chain for $500 and a gold ring for $200. According to the Good Samaritan, the scammer had his wife with him, spoke fast and appeared to be distressed enough and so he bought a ring for $200.

This is not a new scam to southern Manitoba. Back in February, Manitoba RCMP advised the public of this same thing happening in the Pembina Valley. In that particular case, the vehicle had an Ontario license plate. Redikop says one of the reports he heard this week was for an Audi SUV with a Quebec license plate. 

"We're not suggesting that they are local," says Redikop. "Because we've been getting reports from other areas, other jurisdictions of similar scams going on in the region."

He notes in some cases, the fraudsters are even asking for gas money.

The anonymous Good Samaritan who was scammed Tuesday morning along PR 311 admits that this might make him more cynical to help strangers in the future.

"Probably, but I'll likely still help people, I didn't give away my life savings or anything," he says. "I'm not sure how to summarize what advice I'd give to others, but I definitely hope no one else gets suckered by this guy."

Redikop urges the public to never be pressured into buying something. 

"We suggest people to be mindful if they want to help out, assist someone roadside, that there could be potential dangers," he adds. "We want to keep everybody safe from scams that are going around."

If you have fallen victim to this scam or have been targeted by a fraudster, you are asked to contact RCMP, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or secure tip online at

Manitoba RCMP are warning the public to be safe and aware if pulling over to assist someone roadside.