RCMP have provided more details on the arrest of a teacher and coach from Steinbach Regional Secondary School. 

On Wednesday morning, Manitoba RCMP held a press conference to announce the arrest of 41-year-old David Bueti of Winnipeg. Bueti, who was employed by SRSS from February until June of this year, has been charged with five counts of sexual assault and three counts of sexual interference. The arrest was made after six female students between the ages of 15 and 18 reported they were assaulted.

Sergeant Morgan Page says the girls came forward to one of the teachers at the school, whom they trusted. This teacher then brought their complaints to the school. RCMP then received the report from the school social worker through CFS. The reports were filed with RCMP on June 17th, shortly after the school was made aware of the alleged incidents.

"I believe it was fairly quickly alerted to the RCMP," says Page. "But I don't have the exact time or date that the school was made aware."

Page has also commented on whether there is a concern that there are additional victims who have not yet come forward.

"I think that there is a concern regarding his previous employment history and then the timeframe for which these allegations came forward for the period of time that he was working at the school," she says. 

She notes for that reason, RCMP have released his previous employment history in order to make the public aware of where he has been working. In this way, parents and guardians know when he was in their child's school and can have necessary conversations with their children.

Bueti was employed by SRSS from February until June of this year, where he worked as a teacher and a coach. Previous to this, he was employed at several different schools in Winnipeg, including River East Collegiate in 2021, Holy Cross School in 2020, St. John Brebeuf school from 2007 to 2018 and Holy Ghost School from 2006 to 2007.

According to Hanover School Division, Bueti was placed on immediate leave by Hanover School Division, upon becoming aware of the allegations. Page says one of the conditions of his release is that Bueti must not seek or continue any employment that involves being in a position of authority over a person under the age of 16 years. 

Police would like to remind survivors of sexual assault that there is no time limit to report a sexual assault to police. Even if you were assaulted years ago, you can still report it to police. Many survivors do not report right away and choose to do so later in their lives. Police say reporting a sexual assault can help you seek justice and start the healing process.

Police say if you wish to report a sexual assault, you can contact your local police to make a report. If you choose not to report sexual assault to the police directly, you can report the crime through a third party. Klinic Community Health is able to receive third party reports from survivors of sexual assault who are 16 years and older anywhere in Manitoba. In this process, the survivor completes a form with the support of a Sexual Assault Crisis Program worker, and this information is sent to police without the survivor's identifying information.

For more information on third party reporting, please contact Klinic's 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 204-786-8631 or toll free at 1-888-292-7565.