RCMP have provided more information as to what their COVID-19 enforcement efforts looked like this past Sunday.

On the Friday before The Church of God held their service at their regular location just off of Highway 12 near Pansy, they posted their intentions on social media. Seeing this, the Steinbach RCMP sent them a notice, urging them not to gather.

be fined or they could choose to return home.

Police, say they spoke with roughly 125 churchgoers who each understood the message and left. However, one adult male persisted and was issued a $1,296 fine for not complying with the provincial order.

“These orders are in place for everyone's safety,” wrote the RCMP in a statement shortly after Sunday's event. “All citizens of Manitoba are directed not to congregate, and those directions supersede all other acts at this time. Please stay safe and stay home.”

Tuesday morning, Premier Brian Pallister offered some additional details on the matter, noting that six individuals were ticketed at the event and the church itself was given a $5,000 business fine.