Local quilters are making blankets for Ukrainians, in Manitoba and overseas.

Doris Toews from Heartland Quilters recently delivered a stack of carefully stitched blankets to MCC for distribution.

“So, MCC will take care of making sure that people that come here from the Ukraine will have a quilt, and they will also be sending quilts over to Ukraine and handing them out to people there,” Toews says. “There’s misery all over this world and if quilts can provide a little bit of comfort, we are so happy to be able to put our talents to that use.”

A stack of quilts will be sent to Ukraine through MCC. (Photo submitted)

During that delivery to MCC, Toews learned a bit about how these quilts will impact people who are still in Ukraine.

“I said, ‘each quilt that goes in is going to be giving comfort to at least one person,’ and she said, ‘more than one.’ She said, ‘we might hang your quilts in a window that’s been bombed out, we might put in on the floor to keep things warm, and we might put it around four or five children at night to keep them warm.’”

The quilting group is connected to various organizations that distribute the blankets where they are most needed. Toews says these trusted organizations make it easier for the quilters to focus on producing blankets, and they do not need to coordinate where each item gets delivered.

“We just know that they are being given to places that are also seeking to alleviate suffering,” she says.