The president of the Eastman ATV Association says, they apply for grants on a regular basis, sometimes they get them and sometimes they don’t.  

Don Eidse notes, “But this time around we were able to get a $6,000 grant from the Manitoa Building Sustainable Communities program.” 

He says, this is a matching grant and explains.  

“So, we get money from our membership and other fundraising events, we match that to the money that we get from the grant, then we're able to go out and repair the trails. And we're quite happy to be able to do that. The trails are used for all the riders in Manitoba, so we were happy that we're able to secure that grant.” 

Eidse says that this money will be used primarily for repairing trails.  

“It's an ongoing, sort of, project. You get beaver dams that completely wash out areas. So, you have to bring in equipment to repair all that and get it all fixed up again. So yes, the main thing of the club is providing a safe trail.” 

He notes they will also be buying signage, which can also get expensive.  

“But good signage makes for a really enjoyable ride. If you know that there's a turn up ahead and you see a sign, then everyone stays safe.”