It was just a matter of time before Springfield Police would catch up with a driver who has managed to get away each time that a traffic stop was attempted.

Constable Jesse Zillman says officers have tried to get the driver to pull over countless times during the past couple of months.

And each time, the vehicle sped off in a dangerous manner at high rates of speed, weaving in and out of traffic, and on the shoulder, he says.

And that resulted in police abandoning the chase, each time.

The vehicle had plates that didn’t match the car, which created another challenge in identifying the driver.

Then on Saturday, while Zillman met up with a couple of off-duty officers at a Tim Hortons in Oakbank, they pulled off a successful the drive through at the restaurant.

An off-duty officer spotted the elusive vehicle entering the drive through.

The officers hatched a plan to nab the driver, and this time, the risk to public safety was a lot lower than previous attempts.

They waited for the suspect vehicle to get through the drive through and when it reached the window, the police car entered the drive through in front of the suspect vehicle, leaving it nowhere to go.

Zillman says that was when they discovered the driver has been suspended from driving since 2010 and is now facing numerous provincial offences. The vehicle has also been impounded.

Police are still adding up the offences from each time they tried to conduct a traffic stop involving this vehicle.

“He’s going to be receiving just a huge wack of provincial offences at this point, for all the times that the vehicle ran,” says Zillman.

After many encounters with this vehicle, after the numerous attempts to stop the vehicle, Zillman says it’s satisfying to successfully stop the driver and get the vehicle off the road.