RCMP are responding to an altercation that was filmed during a protest at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School Thursday morning.

Students were encouraged to leave class shortly after 9 AM and join parents and supporters on the sidewalk off McKenzie Boulevard.

RCMP say they were notified about the planned demonstration and officers were at the scene monitoring and ensuring public safety.

In a statement released by RCMP addressing the altercation, they say "at 11:00 AM, the school was placed in a hold and secure due to demonstrators attempting to gain unauthorized entry into the school. One youth attempted to gain entry multiple times and was asked to leave the premises by school staff and the RCMP on four separate occasions. During one of these instances, the youth grabbed a uniformed officer and could have been arrested for assaulting a police officer. The youth tried again to enter the school for the fifth time, was once again told to leave, did not comply and continued in his attempts to get inside, at which point an RCMP officer in plainclothes physically intervened to stop him. The youth was warned by the officer that he could be arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest. The youth continued to make attempts to gain entry to the school."

The Manitoba RCMP is aware of the video which is circulating on social media. They say officers involved used a measured approach and took action to keep people safe. A school is placed in a hold and secure when there is reason to believe there exists a real threat to the safety of students and staff inside. As such, during a hold and secure, no one can be permitted to enter. While the RCMP acknowledges the Charter right to demonstrate peacefully, as soon as there are concerns for public safety, they say officers may intervene to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The Hanover School Division has also released a statement regarding the videos, confirming that the adults in the video are not HSD employees.

Regarding the Hold and Secure initiated during the protest, the division states it was initiated to ensure the safety of students and staff within the school adding "adults attempted to gain access into the school, and their intent was unknown. The staff were confronted with belligerent behaviours by adults and by some students. Some adults engaged in banging on windows and doors with fists and flagpoles."

In addition, although the initial student communication within the school referred to a lockdown, the status was changed to Hold and Secure within minutes and remained for the rest of the day.

With the weather-related cancellation of classes Friday, the Hanover School Division has decided to move a planned online learning day at the SRSS to Monday. The division says staff will be in school and will use the day on Monday to "assess the impact of yesterday’s protest, connect virtually with our students, and plan to ensure everyone is prepared for a safe return."