The Steinbach Pistons are moving once again, this time to the CRRC in Niverville.

Because the Pistons advanced to the MJHL Finals, they needed to find a new place to call home with the HyLife Centre in La Broquerie needing to shut down their already overworked ice plant.

The best option is to move the whole operation down the highway and into the CRRC.

"We're kind of a team of nomads this year," Sales and Marketing Director Jamie Roy says with a laugh. "This will be our fourth venue playing home games this season. We had pre-season games in Steinbach, then HyLife Center for the bulk of the year, we had one game at the UofM and now, we're moving to Niverville."

It's a very quick turnaround and there are a lot of moving pieces and behind the scenes, things are being moved throughout the day from La Broquerie to Niverville.

Loading up Pistons supplies as the team makes the journey to Niverville

"We're going to pick up a trailer and start loading up. Game day supplies, those big cutouts people see in the lobby, the 50/50 booth. We're essentially moving our hockey operations there, that means all the equipment, our entire stick inventory needs to be packed tightly into bags, the big massive trunk that goes on the road, the glove dryer, skate sharpener. Pretty much everything that's not bolted down will be packed up and coming with us. It's a lot."

Even traveling now will be a little different for the staff and players.

"Guys will drive themselves to home games in Niverville but then for road games, a bus will come to Steinbach, load up the team, go to Niverville to load up the equipment, and then head to Winkler."

Through it all, Roy says everyone's taking the rushed changes in stride. "It's got to happen so we might as well embrace it. It's all part of the journey. It's unique, that's for sure. In a few years when we're all comfy cozy in our big new space, we'll look back at this year and have some great stories to tell."

The schedule is out with Steinbach be at "home" for game one Friday, and game three on Tuesday. Get tickets by going to