They say time flies when you’re having fun and for Scott Penner, owner and lead pharmacist at Pharmasave in Steinbach, winter was a whirlwind of excitement.

“It doesn't feel that long ago that we opened, but it's been eight months and things are going extremely well.”

Since opening their doors in Victoria Plaza in September 2022, Pharmasave has seen great success and support from the community – not just behind the counter.

“Our front shop sales are doing really well,” Penner says. “I would attribute that to just having a great location and great hours. People can come in, it's easy parking, they're in and out without having to fight a big box situation.”

In addition to health and beauty aids and over-the-counter medications – Pharmasave’s inventory includes some specialty items you might not expect to find on the shelves.

“We do the ideal protein weight loss program, which has gone over really well…and a very strong category for us is the M&M frozen meat section as well, frozen foods.”

Penner also notes the positive reaction to their selection of puzzles – almost becoming known as “The Puzzle Pharmacy” – but there’s another thing that seems to be surprising customers: Pharmasave’s free local delivery.

“A lot of people think like a smaller store like us doesn't do delivery, but we do have full area-wide delivery which is free.” He says. “We also all have a great texting service where people can send us texts on our landline and we respond quickly. That's gone over really well.”

With the added benefit of on-site blister packing to pre-sort medications for their customers, many are choosing to “Make the Switch” to Pharmasave. "People do not realize how easy the switch actually is - they just need to let us know they would like to get their prescriptions through us, and we do the rest!" For a local business owner – Penner is happy to be able to provide excellent service on both sides of the counter.

“Since we have been doing so well, we have a fully stocked store, so a lot of people comment and how full our store looks.”

That large selection is also allowing customers to take full advantage of the Pharmasave Rewards program, which earns points on all purchases – including prescriptions.

“It’s as good, if not better, than most loyalty programs out there.”

Steinbach and area residents looking to “Make the Switch” can visit Pharmasave seven days a week at Victoria Plaza – 20 Brandt Street, Unit 10.