With temperatures in the 20s this week and the start of spring sports a week away, Jason Peters with RM of Hanover Rec says, ball diamonds and soccer pitches should be opening up shortly.  

Peters says the fields in Mitchell, Blumenort, Kleefeld, New Bothwell, and Grunthal faired pretty well over winter, though there was that bit of a delay to spring. 

“So we're probably a little behind from where we'd like to be in terms of getting started with activities on those fields. But we're pleased with the condition of the fields overall.” 

He says there haven’t been reports of any significant damage to the facilities and now, “it is just a matter of some nice warm weather to get everything up to par.”

As for the sunshine and +20s in the forecast, Peters says, “That should be just what the doctor ordered. Yes, that would be wonderful.” 

Peters notes construction of a new soccer pitch in Grunthal was completed last year.  

“So we're eager to see, once we get some growing weather, how the grass comes in. We won't be using that one (Grunthal soccer pitch) to start the season, but we'll see where we go as the year goes on.”  

He says they’ve done some major work to the ball diamonds in Kleefeld over the last couple of years. 

“We're going to see those facilities used this summer and then other than that, it's just small upkeep, little projects here and there, but no other major soccer or ball projects for this summer.”  

When it comes to spring sports registration, Peters says, the public response has been strong.  

“We're seeing lots of interest in our spring programs. I think it's still potentially the result of people coming out of pandemic times and really wanting to get re-engaged. And so, we're excited about that. We've taken on (Grunthal) swimming lesson registration this year through our software and had a great response there too. We’ve had a lot of people take advantage of the online opportunities and we're seeing more and more of that each year, so strong registration numbers right across the municipality.  

When it comes to what’s ahead for the communities in the RM of Hanover, Peters asks residents to,  

“Just keep their ears to the ground in regards to community garage sales and festivals and things like that, because we’ve got a lot more information coming out in the next month or so."

When it comes to major improvements coming up in the future Peters notes, "Our arenas need new ice plants. So, we're working behind the scenes right now to get some of that work done.” 

Peters says as an RM their goal is to be in a position to tackle that over the next year or two.  

“So, it's really busy, but a lot of it is I guess, I'll call it foundational work, behind the scenes, and I think the results will be shown to the public in the near future, but nothing quite yet.”  

He notes all the towns within Hanover have been growing substantially over the past few years which means there has been more of a demand for recreational services.  

“We are really seeing that growth, especially over the last 5 to 10 years. With the growth comes residents wanting activities for their kids and then for themselves, and so, there is a demand for park development, and on new facilities, while upkeeping old ones, and new programs, which is all good, but it's certainly a challenge. One which we are taking head on.” 

One of the challenges has been getting programs off the ground, which Peters says often just needs the right volunteers.  

“We'll take a volunteer in any capacity. If you live in one of our communities or in the municipality and you're willing to get involved, you can certainly contact us here at the Hanover office. There are volunteer opportunities within all of our different recreation areas or if you know someone who would be good on a community rec board, sports organization, please reach out."

"Volunteers are hard to come by these days and if someone is willing to get involved, we would love to have you. So much of what we do relies on volunteers. It brings a lot of value to our programs and to our communities when people get involved and give back. So, I'd really encourage people to reach out.”