City Councillor Susan Penner says Steinbach is in a strong position with two new senior’s care facilities opening this spring.

Just last week, Silver Linings Care opened a 10-unit, private care facility on Beaver Crescent called "The Cottages". In addition, Rest Haven is planning to hold a grand opening celebration for their major expansion next Friday. The expansion will increase their bed count from around 60 to 143.

Susan Penner says this is incredibly encouraging.

"These projects are really important in terms of taking care of our seniors in a way that gives them a sense of community and a sense of home where they are. They are less institutional than traditional care homes."


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In addition, Penner says providing good quality end-of-life care is imperative.

"If you look at the research, a few of the main reasons that people choose Medical Assistance In Dying is because they lose the ability to engage in meaningful activities or activities that they are used to doing in their day-to-day lives. Those are things that can be alleviated with proper care. That is why these things are so important, it is important that our community cares for the aging and the vulnerable in general, so that they see there is a better option than choosing assisted suicide."

Penner used her opening comments at Tuesday’s council meeting to discuss these two new facilities and express her excitement.

Written with files from the Canadian Press.