The Pat Porter Active Living Centre (PPALC) is hoping to host the Manitoba 55+ Games in 2025. 

PPALC Executive Director Audrey Harder presented to Steinbach City Council in hopes of getting a letter of support to include with their application to host. 

Harder says both she and Russ Dyck, Steinbach's Head of Parks and Recreation, have been approached by Active Aging in Manitoba to place a bid on the 55+ Games for 2025. 

“I've had several conversations with Russ Dyck as well as Dan Taillefer and other community stakeholders, just to see if there is some interest, if there's a way to do this. And the overwhelming response has been that it would be great timing, not only because it's been over 12 years since we've had it here, but because the Southeast Event Centre will be open and running at that point.” 

She says it’s a great opportunity to show off Steinbach. 

“This would be an amazing opportunity for our community to collaborate and showcase who we are and what we have to share with people throughout the province.”  

Harder explains the purpose of the Manitoba 55+ Games is to provide a recreational outlet for friendly competition, and also contribute to social activity and the general well-being of Manitobans 55 and older. 

“As well as engender a sense of community spirit by providing an opportunity and catalyst for bringing older adults, their families, and the community at large, together to participate in the games.” 

The proposed dates for the games are June 3rd, 4th, and 5th of 2025.  

“We asked to have it moved a little bit earlier than they usually are, just because we have Summer in the City coming shortly after that, so we wanted to keep it a bit separate.”  

She says the Southeast Event Centre, Pat Porter Active Living Center, Steinbach Bowling Alley, Steinbach Aquatic Center, and Fly-In Golf Club would all benefit from the event.  

“And we would be able to provide all the required events plus a few additional events just based on what we have already.” 

Harder says the Manitoba 55+ Games would bring over 1000 people to Steinbach. 

"So this is an exceptional opportunity for our community to showcase, and we all know how much I love Steinbach, and I think it's just an excellent opportunity to be able to brag and show it off a bit.” 

Harder adds that if Steinbach does get selected to host, she asks that council consider assisting with the costs of renting facilities. 

“If we are selected, we will come back at a later time and have that conversation and see if you'll be able to do that for us.” 

She notes that funds wouldn’t solely come from the City, but they would fundraise and get sponsors as well. 

“So it wouldn't just be the City expecting to pay for it all, it would just be to assist.” 

Several communities are applying to host the games, but Harder says there is a pretty good chance Steinbach will be chosen. 

“They've approached me five years in a row, but they also approached Russ this time as well, so he kind of gave me the push to get things going. I've already started to gather a committee of people so that there's different members in the community who would be part of it.” 

Council agreed to write a letter of support to go along with the application, and more formally, passed a resolution indicating the City’s support for the bid. 

Councillor Susan Penner says 2025 would be an amazing year for Steinbach to host this event.  

“Especially with our new Event Centre opening up, that is great timing. I look forward to being able to do more of this type of thing as a result of having that facility.” 

She thanks Harder for all of her contributions to the community. 

“I mean, you're practically regular at these meetings, but that speaks to your commitment to Steinbach. I appreciate all the work you're doing.” 

Mayor Earl Funk says hosting this event would be a great way to bring more people into Steinbach. 

“I think sports are a really good way of drawing people together because everyone can be involved in sports, you can be more of a spectator like I am, or you can be a participant,” he says. “1,000 people coming into our community is fairly significant, it's for three days, it's a weekend, and we can really showcase what Steinbach’s all about.” 

He adds that with the new Southeast Event Centre opening up, it just makes sense to host. 

“I'm looking forward to using the new Event Centre, I think that this is what it's for, it's for bringing people to our community to do sports and have activities and have events.”