Pet owners are reminded to keep their animals on a leash when going for walks. 

An increasing number of unleashed dogs have been seen walking with their owners on the trails in the soccer park, along Bush Farm Trail, and around the dog park. 

Parks and Recreation Manager Russ Dyck says people need to keep their pets on a leash when in public, except when playing inside the dog park. 

“Obviously, in there, dogs can be off leash, still need to be under the control of their owner, but that would be one space, the dog park we have in L.A. Parkman Park, where dogs can run off leash and that's why we installed that park there for that reason,” he says. “But otherwise within the city, people are out and about taking their dogs for a walk. They should be on a leash.” 

Dyck says keeping your pet on a leash is a matter of respect for those around you, as some people are unsure or afraid of dogs. And seeing a dog that is not leashed can prevent people from enjoying nature. 

Even if you believe your dog is friendly and responds to your voice commands, Dyck says it still must be on a leash. 

As for cleaning up after your dog, he notes the city has many locations where bags are available and garbage cans for easy disposal. 

Cleaning up after your dog is also required when using the dog park. Dyck says for health and safety reasons, it is not okay to leave feces lying around. 

He notes that cats are also required to be on a leash when leaving their yard.


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