When a neglected little pup came into the care of Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue, his poor condition tugged at many hearts, and inspired a petition that calls for regulation of backyard breeding

“When we say backyard breeding, it’s a term we use for people who are using their dogs just to make money,” explains Michelle Neufeld, president of the rescue. She notes there are some very knowledgeable and reputable breeders and says they do not want to lump all breeders in the same group. 

A big difference is the care the animals get and the living conditions. Neufeld says when looking to get a pet from a breeder, a red flag is when the breeder will not allow you to meet the parents of the young one and won’t allow you to see their living conditions. 

The petition was created only one week ago, and it has already gained over 2,280 signatures to change the law that would result in regulation of backyard breeders. 

The rescue has termed this as “Leo’s Law.” 

Little Leo is an 11-week-old beagle, the runt of the litter and very small for his age. He is having some trouble with his knees which hampers his walking right now, but Neufeld says the veterinarian team is hopeful it will correct itself with time, proper nutrition and care. 

Steinbach and area animal rescue started this petition after taking in an 11-week-old beagle that was denied the medical attention his siblings received, because he was the runt. 

@steinbach_online #LeosLaw is inspired by this #runt who was rescued by @Steinbach Animal Rescue #beagle ♬ You Got A Friend In Me (From "Toy Story") - Just Kids

Here is the description given in the petition, which can be found by clicking here

We recently got in a tiny pup whom we named Leo. Leo was from an irresponsible backyard breeder and was rescued by a young lady who found out he wasn’t being looked after (breeder still wanted money for him even though NO vetting had been done) she quickly bought him in fear of what might happen to him and then immediately relinquished him to us.  

Leo was left to suffer in silence, filled with worms, not vaccinated and soaked in urine, all because he was the runt. 

Clearly money was the motivation for this particular backyard breeder and not the well-being of the pups or respect for the breed. 

Laws need to be made and regulations set so this doesn’t happen. 

Leo was immediately vet checked and dewormed! Leo’s breathing is rapid, and tummy swollen from the worm infestation. He is an active, playful puppy that didn’t deserve to be left behind. 

 We will provide all the care Leo needs to grow into a healthy adult! We will be starting a petition to regulate backyard breeders called Leo’s law and we need your support. Please sign and let’s put a stop to this inhumane money-making scam! 

The following photos courtesy of Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue.


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