Operation Red Nose wrapped up a successful season of offering safe rides.  

Jo-Anne Dalton of the Steinbach-La Broquerie team says that this year, they gave 193 rides to 435 clients over the holiday season. This was possible with the help of 173 volunteers.  

“It was really neat to see a lot of organizations get their teams involved. We had a number of sponsors and organizations who put teams in for a whole night,” Dalton said. “And then we have a lot of volunteers who come back every year. There are a lot of parents in La Broquerie who see the work that's being done with the money being raised come and volunteer, and a lot of people who are just looking to do good during the holiday season. It's just been really amazing,” 

This year, they raised $4,686 for the expansion of école Saint-Joachim in La Broquerie and to cover the cost of fitness equipment for their gym classes.

Even after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Dalton commends her team and her campaign for successfully spreading awareness and recruiting volunteers.

Dalton recalls receiving a call from a client who asked to be driven to their destination which was only a few blocks away to show their support. She says it was “touching” and “moving” to see. 

“It's a really impactful program and it's doing good things. If we got one person home safe, saved one life, it's changing lives. It's making a difference and a really valuable thing for our community, and so we're really grateful that we're this well-known and making this much of an impact across our region.” 

With files from Dave Anthony.