The Office of the Fire Commissioner is continuing its investigation into a pair of bridge fires in the Rural Municipality of Hanover.

Hanover Fire Chief Paul Wiebe says the bridges were destroyed on Wednesday. One of those is located along Provincial Road 311, between Provincial Roads (PR) 206 and 216. The other bridge is about half a mile to the north, along Road 26E.

Wiebe says the bridge along Road 26E burned in the vicinity of a field fire, while the bridge fire along PR 311 is still being investigated.

A provincial spokesperson says PR 311 is closed in both directions over the Manning Canal, from PR 216 to PR 206. Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) has installed detour signs and variable message boards identifying alternate routes for motorists to use during the closure of PR 311.

MTI has also closed the bridge over the Manning Canal on Road 26E.

Both of these bridges are the responsibility of MTI, with the bridge on PR 311 being along its highway network and the one on Road 26E being over a provincial waterway. The Rural Municipality of Hanover is the traffic authority for Road 26E.

On Thursday evening, Hanover Fire Department was called back to the PR 311 bridge. MTI had brought in its excavators to dismantle the bridge further and Hanover's Chief Administrative Officer Luc Lahaie says the bridge was reigniting as it was being taken apart.

According to a provincial spokesperson, the costs of damages to both bridges will be determined after the assessments are completed.

The OFC is providing no further comment at this time.

Road closed signs along PR 311 at PR 216 (Shannon Dueck)Barricade along PR 311 at PR 216