Now into it's second year, the Niverville Communities in Bloom and the town of Niverville Memorial Forest Program is well on its way to helping create a green canopy at the Hespler Park and Dog Park.  

Initially organized by a member of the Communities in Bloom committee with town council on-board, the forest now has 7 trees.  

Warren Britton, Niverville Recreation Director says, the Memorial Forest is in the southwest portion of Hespeler Park near the timber frame shelter. “There's a nice area in there, and we were just trying to make it a little bit more naturalized. We thought it would be a nice spot to commemorate a loved one.”  

As to who may plant a tree? Britton says, “the program is not restricted to Niverville residents. Surrounding community members are welcome to participate as well. In fact, family or friends living abroad may donate a tree in memory of a loved one who lived in Niverville and area. As well, the individual may plant more than one tree.” 

He says when they first offered the Memorial Forest program last year, “We didn't really spend a lot of time advertising it. With the opening of the NRRC and stuff like that, we have kind of been a little preoccupied, but we had a great opening this year. And I think it'll be nice to build on it in 2023.” 

Britton says, the deadline to plant your tree in 2023, trees need to be purchased before September 30 so the town can place their tree order. “We need to know by fall of this year in order to have a tree or spring tree order in. So, once September 30th hits, you know, somebody can still order January 2nd or even December 30 but it just might mean that their planting doesn't happen until 2024.” 

As to the specific location of the trees, Britton says, “we're just kind of planting them sporadically throughout that area. Just to try to make it look a little bit more natural. The last thing we really wanted to do is just like straight rows. So, we'll just kind of plant it and then we'll fill in with other trees and kind of go from there.” 

Each tree can be purchased for $300 plus tx. This will include the tree and a memorial plaque that will be placed in front of the tree. The species and location of the trees are determined by the town of Niverville.  

“A living tree is symbolic of a new beginning and a living tribute. As ones life ends, a new life begins. By planting a tree, you not only pay a significant tribute to the life of a loved one, but you also benefit the community by providing natural beautification and enhanced forest cover which ensures the preservation of nature for our future generations.” Memorial Forest Program description

When asked what the first families had to say about their Memorial Forest tree-planting experience, Britton says, “We had a really great response. We had a tree planting ceremony this spring for the seven that were bought last year. And it was very nice chatting with the families. They really, really liked the idea. And you know, I remember one family just saying “My dad just loved trees and really focused on planting on our yard and he liked to see his name go on one. He would just be over the moon excited because he'd really, really love this program.”

"So, I think it'll be a nice part of Niverville. Obviously the trees being 6 to 8 feet right now aren't huge, but I think watching them grow and seeing these families come back for years to visit it'll be a nice place for them.”