The Town of Niverville has released their planning session outcomes for 2024, along with their interim budget. 

Niverville Council and staff recently met to discuss what the next year will look like. 

Niverville CAO Eric King says their plan could change depending on the situation. 

“Council could in March decide that because January, something happens where we get a blizzard every day and our snow clearing budget is shot by the end of January, that we got to cut this, this and this, but this is the plan.” 

Council approves the budget in the spring. 

There were quite a few highlights listed in the planning session. 

Firstly, a water tanker for the Niverville Fire Department has been bought and will be delivered in 2025. 

Secondly, Niverville Open Health is working toward hiring more doctors, as well as increasing the available tools that doctors will have access to. This includes the procurement of bedside ultrasound machines, a liquid nitrogen gun, and an automated blood pressure machine.  

They also note the road repair package for 2024 has been awarded to Southwood Ventures for the rebuilding of Fourth Avenue South, Church Avenue, and a section of Edelweiss Crescent. This is along with the resurfacing of Errington Way and Hampton Drive, and the building of Drover’s Run path and a back lane sidewalk behind the MCC. 

And the Town of Niverville has been investigating the possibility of installing water mains in the core of Niverville, and anticipates rolling out public consultations in early 2024 to share the results of the investigation and determine the next steps. 

Niverville Recreation and Wellness will begin to investigate the feasibility of a “Take One Leave One” library.  

The Town is also looking to develop a new green space on the west side of town. 

A working group has been created to establish the needs of both the Niverville Fire Department and the Town’s Operation Department as the Town works toward preparing to build the next generation of buildings vital for these services. 

The Town of Niverville is also paying down $500,000 on the Community Resource and Recreation Centre debt. 

King notes they are also still waiting on HSD to confirm student numbers, as each town gets a certain amount of tax dollars per student in that town. 

Once they know how much money they are receiving, they’ll have a better idea on what they can afford. 


With files from Adi Loewen 


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