The Town of Niverville has officially surpassed the 5,000 resident mark.

According to Census 2021, Niverville now has a population of 5,947, a 29% increase from 2016. This makes Niverville the second fastest growing town in Manitoba behind only the Town of Ste. Anne which grew by 36.8%.

Mayor Myron Dyck says Niverville's incredible growth has truly been a team effort.

"I am so thankful, appreciative, and truly humbled by all of those that have done great things in our community and invested in our community to make it the community that it is. Everything from the businesses that have been in town, second and third and fourth generations, to those that have recently come, to those that have moved to the community to purchase property, to the builders and the developers that have chosen to take the risk to invest in our community."

Dyck also thanks the many volunteer boards and organizations like the Hanover School Division that help make Niverville desirable.

done the studies that we've done and why we are about to go to construction where we will have an RCMP detachment in the same building as our municipal office. We know we will have a greater cost but also as the community grows, all of the departments have to grow including emergency services."

All in all, Dyck says it is far better to live in a growing, thriving community than a shrinking one.

"The whole Southeast, by working together, we are all growing together and it just benefits all of us. We're just happy for all of those municipalities around us. We all contribute to the same thing and it makes us all better."