Niverville Healthcare Services Inc recently received a huge amount of money through an anonymous donor, in the name of a deceased family member.  

The announcement was made at last week's Town Council meeting,  

“Be it resolved, that following the town's donation receiving policy of 2-13, that Council provides a grant in the amount of $97,924.85 to Niverville Healthcare Services Inc for the operation of the Open Health Clinic, representing a donation received from an anonymous person in the name of a deceased family member.” 

Mayor Myron Dyck noted that this was the standard process, that when someone wishes to make a donation to the town entity or a specific department, such as Open Health, that they need to make a motion at a Council meeting to accept the funds, and then pass the money on, as requested by the person making the donation. 

Dyck says that he had inquired of the family, as to how the town could acknowledge the individual and somehow say 'thank you', but they declined and wished to remain anonymous. 

Nathan Dueck, the other Council member who currently sits on the board of Niverville Healthcare Services Inc said during the meeting,  

“Respectfully, it's an incredible honor to have Niverville Health Services collect that money and it's definitely going to be put to good use over the next several years. It's an incredible donation."

The policy was unanimously carried.

The mayor noted that, "On behalf of Council, we just wanted all together, say huge thank you to this family, it's much appreciated.”  

After the meeting, Dueck shared that he was shocked when he saw the total amount of the donation and noted,

“I'm very, very grateful from the community for that donation that was specifically designated to be used for the practical needs of the community. Thank you.”  

Dueck adds, “I would just like to point out that at the end of that, we have the option at any point and anybody that wants to make donations to the community in the future can get a taxable receipt for it, so we 100% big shout out from the town, for that donation. Just a thank you to the family.”



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