Motorists driving south down Pansy Road, should now have no problem finding that small community.

John Giesbrecht is the Ward Four Councillor in the Rural Municipality of Hanover. Giesbrecht says he felt the community of Pansy deserved to be recognized. He suggested the idea to Pansy Hall President Olga Bezditny, who came up with what he describes as "a fantastic plan." The end result is a brand new sign at the edge of the community.

The sign reads, Welcome To Pansy Trailblazed By Pioneers. The wording was the creativity of Pansy Hall Secretary Leanne Germain.

"When people come here they are treated like family," says Germain. "So that is the start of the sign."

Germain says when the pioneers first arrived, it was bush and swampland and they had to work hard to develop it for farming, community and Church.

"We do want our pioneers to be recognized in this area and as well a lot of the families and homesteads that are here today," adds Germain. "They are still the children living in those most likely hundred year old farms."

It is more than just a sign that welcomes visitors. Beside the posts stand two wagon wheels, donated by Bill Bezditny. There is also a flower box, gifted by Mel Kachur, with flowers provided by Falk Nurseries. The plan for next year is to plant Pansies inside.

"What we see here is just a beautiful addition to the Pansy area," says Germain. "I see just the comments by everybody who drives by on the recently paved Pansy Road, how amazing this addition is."

Giesbrecht says Henervic Farms has been generous enough to allow the sign to stand on their land. The sign itself cost about $4,500, with another $700 to cover expenses for writing up the lease for the land. Giesbrecht says as ward councillor, he will cover the cost of the sign through a discretionary grant.

"To have a sign that is donated by the RM of Hanover through our Councillor John Giesbrecht it was just so really overwhelming," says Olga Bezditny.

The sign was erected just in time for the annual Pansy Fall Supper. Historically held on a Sunday, this year the supper takes place on Saturday, September 7th from 3 pm to 6 pm.