Grief seminars are now taking place in Steinbach as a new way to support people as they move through life after a loss. 

“Particularly over the last few years, we have seen a desire from people for what we would call ‘after-care,’” says Kris Bachmeier, Assistant Managing Funeral Director at Birchwood Funeral Chapel Co-op. “So, once the funeral is over or even the arrangements if we're not having a service, there seems to be a large group of people that need that ongoing support once life starts to, I don't want to say gets back to normal, but settles down.” 

Bachmeier says monthly grief seminars will cover a variety of topics. The first monthly seminar took place this past week. 

“We covered loss of a child, specifically by suicide. And so, noticing the group that came out this last week, you could tell there were a lot of people that were just there even supporting the speaker themselves and that's good. We want to have these events create community and know that with a heavy topic like this, I think we all probably know someone who has experienced this type of loss or know a situation, and to come together and talk about that openly and have support for one another is vital.” 

Upcoming Grief Seminars at Birchwood Funeral Chapel, Steinbach: 

April 16th @7pm (Music & Grief) 

May 21st @7pm (Stillborn and Miscarriage Loss) 

June 18th @7pm (Self-care in Grief

“We don't ask for any kind of commitment, so we don't know who's all coming. But when you get here, there's a little bit of a programmed agenda. We try to aim for around 45 minutes and two-sided, covering some education on the topic, an educational component, but as well have somebody speak who has a personal connection to that topic. And then afterwards, once the program part ends, we'll have some coffee and sweets out and just encourage people to connect and use the space.” 

April’s topic will look at music and the grieving process. Then in May, the seminar will focus on still birth or miscarriage loss. And in June, the topic will be focusing on self-care, how you can take care of yourself through the grieving process. 

-With files from Carly Koop.