The Town of Ste Anne held a ribbon cutting for their new bridge last night.

John Desrochers, Operations Manager says this bridge plays a vital role in their community because it serves as an essential link for the Villa Youville as well as connects the main business district to the park.

"We put a new bridge going from Central to the Redemptorist Park. It’s the Emile Champagne Bridge. It’s an 80-foot span, bowstring style bridge, weathered steel. That bridge is basically going to be the main access for residents from the main part of town into the park." 

Last night's ribbon cutting

Desrochers says the project came at a cost of approximately $300,000. He notes the project has been in the works for a couple years but only took about three weeks to install. Desrochers says the old bridge was in desperate need of an upgrade.

"The old bridge was essentially condemned at this point and it was reduced to foot traffic only and its life was over. The new bridge is a pedestrian bridge, there are no vehicles allowed to cross."

Desrochers notes the only other access point to the park is currently by Smith Drive on the far east side of the Villa Youville.