After over two months of picketing, MGEU’s MPI bargaining committee was able to finally reach a tentative agreement with Manitoba Public Insurance Tuesday evening. 

If members ratify the offer, the strike that began on August 28th will come to an end. 

“We are pleased that our bargaining committee and MPI were able to reach an agreement that will help all members catch up and keep up with the rising cost of living,” MGEU President Kyle Ross said. “This is an agreement that we are proud to recommend to our members.” 

MGEU will hold an online meeting with members on Wednesday to detail the offer and then members will vote on the agreement between noon and 6 PM. The vote result will be announced on Wednesday evening, first to members, and then to the media. 

“This agreement recognizes the hard work and excellent service that our members provide to Manitobans,” added Ross. “We look forward to sharing the details with members. Now it’s up to them to decide.” 

The tentative agreement includes total wage increases of 13% over 4 years: 

  • 2022: 3% 
  • 2023: 3% 
  • 2024: 3.4% (General Wage Increase of 2.9% plus a Retention Adjustment increase of 0.5%) 
  • 2025: 3.6% (General Wage Increase of 2.8% plus a Retention Adjustment increase of 0.8%) 

Other highlights of the agreement include: 

  • More than 60% of members will receive an additional 3.5% wage increase over the life of the contract from a new maximum increment step for each pay grade. 
  • A one-time, lump sum signing bonus of $1,800 per full-time employee. (pro-rated for part-time employees) 
  • Members will receive two weeks of Recognition Pay to acknowledge the more than three weeks of the strike during which, through no fault of their own, no negotiations were possible while a new government was being sworn in. 
mpi workers on the picket line in the snowThe MPI strike began in the heat of summer and has run into the cold of winter


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