The R.M. of Ste Anne continued their public hearing on a proposal to subdivide an existing 8.99-acre lot to create 17 residential lots. 

The lots would include single-family, double-family and multi-unit residences, as well as two commercial lots, two public reserves including a new public road off Therrien Drive.   

Some of the concerns mentioned at the previous hearing were wastewater management, small lot sizes, road maintenance, zoning requirements, lack of emergency exit route, and drainage.   

Councillor Patrick Stolwyk says one of the reasons a lot of people are concerned about it being there, is that they don’t want people walking through their yards. 

Stolwyk asked the applicant if he would consider putting up a fence as a requirement, to which the applicant said he could make it happen, but noted that putting up a fence would mean cutting down trees. 

“As long as people are okay losing more privacy in their backyard to a fence going in, because we’re going to be clearing probably 10 feet to get the equipment in.” 

Councillor Randy Eros says his initial concern about the subdivision was the R.M.’s ability to accommodate the additional holding tanks. 

Administration assured that since the previous hearing, they had reached out to the Operations Manager who has no doubt that it will be adequate.

Reeve Richard Pelletier informs that the Wery Lane subdivision was approved with conditions that need to met by the developer, saying that they will address all the issues that people are concerned about.

“In regard to traffic for people between yard to yard, there will be a fence there. The drainage will be well done,” he says. “We all have the best interest for the town of Richer in council. We're not going to let them down.” 

Pelletier emphasizes that even though the subdivision has been approved, there is still a lot of work for a contractor to finalize a plan like this. 

“Because he's got to make sure that the water will be good, the sewage system would work well, the parking (will) work well, the drainage is well designed.”  

He says this will be good for Richer as it’s a good opportunity for growth in the community. 

“Eventually Richer wants to be a town with a sewage system and so on. They want to get bigger to some degree, and the only way to do that is getting some subdivision.” 

Pelletier notes that this subdivision will be a good addition to the town, and especially for lower-income families looking for a home in the area. 

“For people that want to have a smaller yard and a smaller home and so on and at the same time be in a town, we know that we're short of rental and house for people, so we do not want to stop any good potential subdivison.” 


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