The R.M. of La Broquerie council is dealing with an increase in the number of applications for secondary suites on existing properties. 

Deputy Reeve Laurent Tetrault says this seems to be a trend, not only in Manitoba, but across Canada. 

“I sit on the national board for the Federation of Canadian municipalities, I represent Manitoba on that board, and it is a discussion that is a national discussion,” he says. “A lot of parents would like to, instead of going to a seniors home and because of what happened with COVID, they want to be close to their children.” 

Tetrault says families also want the benefits of having grandparents close by to help watch the young children while the parents are working. 

He believes the state of our economy also plays a role in the increased applications for secondary suites. 

Council recently approved a conditional use application for a secondary suite at 36 Seier Bay in Marchand. 

“They had a good explanation, they had a nice plan, and they deserve to be approved,” Tetrault says. 

The applicant explained that their daughter is a single mother who often works night shift and needs someone to watch the children. 

Council also approved the application to vary the minimum side yard requirement for this suite, from 25 feet to 10 feet.