Some windfall tax revenues will allow Steinbach council to pay out its commitment to Eastman Education Centre.

Added property taxes due to new homes and businesses amount to over $700,000.00.  That's almost half a million more than budgeted by city council.  Executive Policy Chair David Banman says the credit goes to business owners and residents in Steinbach who continue to drive the city's growth.  He adds city tax revenues have grown by 40 per cent over the last 5 years and all signs point to this trend continuing.  Banman says that means the next council will have plenty of financial flexibility without having to rase the mil rate.  Meantime, council Tuesday night agreed to spend $300,000.00 of the surplus to pay out the balance of its $500,000.00 commitment to the Eastman Education Centre.  Banman says by finishing the payments early, council will free up tax money for other projects in the coming years.