Michelle Gawronsky is running for Reeve in the RM of Stuartburn.  

Gawronsky describes herself as a mother, grandmother, healthcare worker, former union president and an extremely proud member of her community. 

“I have been involved in my community since we moved out here approximately 35 or 37 years ago and I have sat on the board for Girl Guides, I volunteer at the Vita Hall, I volunteer at the curling rink, I am also one of the founding members of the Vita Canada Day Committee so I am extremely proud of the community I live in.” 

Having been the president of a union, Gawronsky says she does have experience in elections, just not municipal ones. 

“It’s not my first rodeo as they say. What I have learned right from the beginning, way back when, is you shut up and you listen to the folks that have the votes and hear what their concerns are and what they are looking for and what they are going to expect of me. If I am fortunate enough to be elected reeve, that is who I will be working for and representing.” 

So what is Gawronsky hearing? 

She notes healthcare, or rather a lack of healthcare is a huge concern in the RM of Stuartburn and drainage is another pervasive issue. 

“It doesn't matter what end of our RM that you walk into, there is an issue with water and drainage and so that is something that, as a council, we need to be on top of. I know the previous council has been working hard, I want to make sure that all members of our area are being represented and that they all have a voice at the table when it comes to the water and the drainage issues and the crime that is happening throughout.” 

In addition, Gawronsky says her priorities include promoting employment in the municipality which will provide opportunities for the younger generation so they don’t need to leave the area. 

During her time as a union president, Gawronsky says she gained plenty of experience working with the provincial and federal governments and wants to use that experience to benefit Stuartburn and advocate for the community. 

Finally, Gawronsky encourages Stuartburn residents to reach out. 

“You know where I live, come and visit me any time, my door is always open. It will be open for as long as I am around here as it always has been. Know that I have the time and the energy to be able to represent you and I am so looking forward to being given the opportunity to do so.”