Manitobans are being encouraged to continue celebrating MCC Thrift's 50th anniversary throughout the summer by participating in the Thrifter's Tour. 
The tour invites people to visit as many of the 16 shops across the province as they can and enter a social media challenge. All you need to do is follow @MCCThrift on Facebook or Instagram, take a photo of yourself and/or a thrift find in each shop you visit and post the photos with #mccthrifterstour. Each photo posted at a unique shop will be an entry to win one of three $50 thrift gift cards or mid-month merchandise prize packs.

Kristine Heinrichs, MCC Manitoba Thrift Coordinator, said this will be a great way to see some of the treasures people find at MCC thrift shops. 

"And, a lot of people may have been to their local thrift shop and this is an opportunity to invite people to see if you can go to one you haven't been to before," she added. 

"We are hoping to invite all Manitobans to experience thrifting," said Heinrichs. "It's an opportunity to look at our imprint on the earth. To recognize that affordable and sustainable shopping can offer them an opportunity to make an impact personally and for the planet."

Overall, Heinrichs says it's been a busy year of celebrations for MCC Thrift shops, adding the shops in Manitoba are doing well. 

"We're excited about this time. We're coming out of COVID and we're excited to have more people in our shops, that's for sure."