Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk says the city’s gravel roads are in much worse shape this spring compared to most years. 

“This year was an anomaly,” he says. “We had several thaw and freeze intervals and that just made everything so soft. I know that our crews are working hard, they're doing everything they can. They are trying to repair roads so they're passable. The challenge is they're still soft. They're staying soft longer.” 

This means the roads have a hard time handling the heavy machinery. With all the rain we’ve been getting and will be getting in the next couple of weeks, frost will come out of the ground faster than it would if things stayed dry. 

Why are there so many gravel roads within the city? 

Funk explains Steinbach inherited a lot of gravel roads in the 2018 annexation. 

“We have a lot of gravel roads, and those roads won’t be improved necessarily to pavement until there’s development in that area because development will spur on the supply of service.” 

Although paved roads would be nice, Funk says it would be a hefty bill to get that done. 

“At a couple million dollars a mile, it wouldn't necessarily be money well spent at this time.” 

There is a subdivision application for land at the corner of Old Tom Road and Loewen Boulevard. Funk says that application is now before the province, waiting for approval. 

He notes part of the development agreement is to pave a section of Loewen Boulevard. 

“I've seen the conceptual plans. I think it's going to be a beautiful neighborhood,” Funk adds.