As we notice higher prices for groceries, some local families are really struggling to make ends meet. These increases at the grocery store are forcing people to stretch their food dollar even more than before.

Joy Neufeld at Soup’s On says she is hearing of more people with higher food budgets and that is leaving very little cash for anything else.

seeing less donations coming in.

Right now, she expects their supplies to last for another month. If the number of guests continues to rise and donations don’t keep up, “we could definitely run into trouble,” Neufeld says.

50" style="margin: initial; float: none; width: 100%;" role="figure" />SEHH Board Chairperson Hank Klassen.

He is hopeful to strike up a plan with Handi-transit in Steinbach to see if there is a way they can work together to make sure people do not go without food support.

The food drive in October resulted in a lot of donations and Klassen says that was a godsend. The next food drive is still five months away during the Pioneer Days parade. And he is not sure if that event will happen this year.

Klassen says they are working with other community service groups to organize some fundraising events. One idea is to put together a large community yard sale.

SEHH in Steinbach also supports food banks in Piney, Sprague, Niverville, Grunthal and Ste. Anne.

Klassen and Neufeld are both hoping to get more donations over the next few months to help support local families.