The Steinbach and area Manitoba Youth Job Centre (MYJC) has opened its doors for the summer of 2024.  

The program is funded by the Government of Manitoba and is designed to assist employers, students, and youth with their employment needs.  

MYJC provides free services to those ages 13-29 looking for a job. 

Whether you are trying to land your first job or figure out the next step of your career, MYJC can help. 

Some of their services are resume and cover letter building, job interview preparation, job searching, and helping youth explore post-secondary education options. 

Marielle Japus is the Youth Engagement Leader for the Steinbach area. 

She provides help to youth in the communities of Steinbach, Mitchell, Landmark, New Bothwell, Niverville, La Broquerie, Blumenort, and Ste. Anne. 

Japus says they offer a program called the Odd Job Squad, which is for youth between the ages of 13 and 16.  

“They aren't quite old enough to get a job yet, so it helps them gain valuable work skills, and they also get to earn a percentage of the money that they made.”  

She explains what the process of landing a job through MYJC typically looks like. 

“I would get to know the individual and find out what interests they have and what kind of jobs they're looking for,” she says. “Then from there, I could look at whatever current resume and cover letter they have, and depending on the situation, give them tips on what they could add in or what they could take out.” 

Or if you don't have a resume or cover letter yet, she would be able to help you make them. 

“Then I direct them toward positions that they fit the criteria for, different positions that are around town that I feel would benefit both them and the employer.” 

Japus adds when you are lined up for an interview, she would be happy to conduct a mock interview and provide tips and tricks on what you can use in your real interview. 

She encourages everyone interested to reach out. 

"High school students, university students, parents that are interested in more information for their kids. Just anyone that is 13 to 29.” 

For those over the age of 29 interested in these services, she would be happy to direct you toward other government services. 

You can email her at or visit the MYJC offices at 321 Main Street in Steinbach. 

These services became available on May 13 and will continue until August 23. They start up again around this time each year.