Visitors to the Steinbach Farmer’s Market will notice a new presence this year at the weekly market operating at Clearspring Shopping Centre.

This is the first year the market has partnered with Steinbach Community Outreach and Myra Gerbrandt says they have a table set up each week.

"So, we get to meet people,” Gerbrandt says. “We get to connect with the community, some people who maybe don’t know who we are."

Steinbach Community Outreach operates in a space at 345 Loewen Boulevard and Gerbrandt runs the drop-in centre. She says they can now offer guests a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables which are largely donated on market days.

"At the end of the day, there’s a lot of people that have excess produce that hasn’t sold and so they have been very generous and allowed us to take some to Outreach," Gerbrandt explains. "So, it’s been a really cool thing."

There are also some recipes available for guests to take with them, giving ideas on foods to make with the produce.