Two local Steinbach citizens got a surprise during their virtual Canadian citizenship ceremony earlier this week.

Talis and his wife, Lillian Cuz moved to Canada from Brazil in 2014 and began an eight-year process to become Canadian citizens. And after spending the last two of those years living in Steinbach, they were selected to participate in a special virtual citizenship ceremony on Wednesday.

The citizenship ceremony was hosted online to commemorate National Flag Day in Canada with 29 people taking the oath of citizenship, representing 13 countries.

The ceremony included the Federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, Suzanne Carrière (a Métis citizenship judge), and a special visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Cuz says he’s still processing what happened, ‘we were waiting 8 years for that special moment. And we were all surprised when they announced that Prime Minister Trudeau would join us along with all the special guests. It was a big surprise, a special moment.’

Cuz says he’s still nervous talking about it as he still can’t believe that Prime Minister Trudeau was part of the ceremony.


‘It was incredible. Even though it was on his agenda, he has a lot of things to do; a lot of problem-solving and you know protesters and everything and he could still find time to go and show up.’

Cuz is grateful for the ceremony and that he is now a Canadian citizen. ‘I was looking for a better life, you know a country like Canada and start to study to make these goals and we moved here. And I'm glad I did. Finally, this goal has been reached and I’m part of this great country now.’

Youtube video courtesy of CPAC