Some local celebrities were hauled off to a unique jail cell today to raise money for charity.

Krista Friesen from South Eastman Rotary Club says some of the bail money will go to Soup’s On to support the School Lunch Program which provides a nutritious lunch for students in the area who might not otherwise have lunch.

“That’s something that we as a Rotary are tasked with,” she says. “Child poverty and improving those conditions for children. So that's one of our charities for this event.”

This fundraiser also supports relief efforts in Ukraine.

“Our international project this year was actually Guatemala, but this was kind of pressing and in the news and it really tugged at our heartstrings, knowing that Steinbach has our sister city in Ukraine. So, we're working together with Friends of the Mennonite Centre to offer some support for those in Ukraine right now.”

Twelve well-known people from Steinbach spent time in the special jail cell at Clearspring Centre while they waited for enough donations to come in to cover their bail. Each local celebrity was also charged with various ‘crimes’ that made for a good laugh.

Mayor Earl Funk was accused of “over trimming the fat,” while Brian Bartel was charged with “burning the schmauntfat.”

David Klassen from Steinbach Arts Council was charged with “impersonating Patrick Dempsey.”

Others who participated in the Jail Break event included Reeve Stan Toews, Cyndy Friesen, Chris Goertzen, Emma Boulanger, Farrel Rempel, Reid Gerbrandt, Randy Wohlgemuth, Phil Rempel, and Corny Rempel from the Mix 96.7 FM morning show. He was charged with telling too many “corny jokes.”