Conservation Officers from the Sprague area, in collaboration with RCMP, were conducting hunter inspections at a traffic stop on Saturday, October 22 when they found a loaded firearm in a vehicle. 

Further investigation revealed the individual was trapping prior to the traffic stop and did not have a valid trapper’s licence or a valid possession acquisition licence.

The individual was fined $723 for having a loaded firearm in a vehicle and trapping without a licence. The firearm was also seized.

Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development advises that Conservation Officers are continuing enforcement to protect Manitoba’s natural resources through a variety of enforcement activities across the province including roadside check-stops in key locations
to ensure compliance with Natural Resources and Public Safety Legislation.

Anyone with information on illegal activity is asked to call a local Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development office or the Turn in Poachers (TIP) line at 1-800-782-0076.